Old Fashioned Values.
Honest-To-Goodness Freshness

Perricone is a privately-owned family business that is operated by Tom Carmody,and Joe Perricone. Combined, they bring 80-years of experience to the citrus business.

Perricone is the largest manufacturer of fresh-squeezed citrus juice in the Western United States. We produce a full line of citrus juices, including orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, tangerine, lemonade, and strawberry/lemonade. We also offer Pomegranate and Apple Juice. And whenever the highest-quality fruit is available, we offer organically certified orange juice.

Soon, we’ll be introducing an entirely new line of Perricone pasteurized juices under the Perricone Farms label. Look for them soon at select retail outlets.

Honest-To-Goodness Freshness

Unlike other companies, Perricone controls every step of its juice production, from growing and extraction, to quality control, microbiology testing and packaging. We procure much of our fruit from our own groves, extract the juice ourselves, and conduct quality and microbiological tests at our own onsite lab.

The result is a product so startlingly delicious, it's like tasting orange juice for the very first time.

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